Wednesday, April 29, 2015

puzzles and peyton

It's amazing how a person can touch you as much in death---and, dying---as they did in life.  Such has been the case with my high school classmate Peyton.  Last week, at 35, Peyton lost a two-year-battle with cancer, leaving behind two teenage sons, a loving mother, doting husband, three stepchildren, and thousands of others who she inspired with her faithfulness and optimism, both in life, as a teen mom and Hospice nurse, and death.

Peyton's constant praise of a heavenly father holding her hand throughout life's storms has been a living testimony, opening a part of my heart---and certainly many others'--where it was once closed.  It has reaffirmed my desire to enjoy each and every moment---for better or worse, big and small---with those I love.

Thank you Peyton.  Your body may have given way, but your spirit lives on.


martinealison said...


Je comprends la peine que vous ressentez pour avoir vécu la même souffrance en perdant ma meilleure amie "soeurette" il y a maintenant bientôt 4 ans. Elle me manque toujours autant et elle est près de moi tout le temps. Sa présence m'aide à traverser les mauvais moments et souvent je me dis lorsque je vis des évènements heureux que j'aimerais tant que nous les partagions ensemble... mais comme je viens de le dire elle est autour de moi toujours et je suppose qu'elle rit lorsque je ris et cela fait du bien !...
Je vous embrasse affectueusement,

❀ Gros bisous ❀

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ann @ studiohyde said...

Sorry you have lost a friend and one so young.

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