Thursday, April 09, 2015


I think it's easy for us to become so immersed in our work that it becomes quite difficult to reflect on it as a whole.  It's all a little to academic. But then again, it's nice to know there is a method to your madness.

Here's my take on what may be our first, official artists' statement.  Please have a look and let me know your thoughts.  What do you see that we don't?  How do you see the blog weaving in?

Much of our work is centered on preserving memories.  As parents of young children tornados, we are often told [by just about anyone we meet, particularly at the grocery store] to enjoy this time as it will be gone before we know it.  The truth is we DO know it----and we want to take every measure to BE PRESENT, AND REMEMBER these times the best we can.  For us, a central component of that is drawing---for me [Suzanne], on-location and from memory, for Edgar, in the form imagination.  A moment passes quickly, but if it's collected inside a sketchbook, captured in one of our sketches, it has the opportunity to last forever.  We want to celebrate today while preserving the memories for many tomorrows.


Barbara CampbellThomas said...

I think this is beautiful, important and inspiring....thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Edwards said...

Beautiful artist statement! Beautiful artists! Beautiful parents! Drawing your lives is the BEST WAY to slow down a bit, relish the moments, preserve them, AS WELL AS keep the fires burning for your professional work! All the best to you both!

anopensketchbook said...

Thank you Barbara and Jennifer---really means a lot coming from the two of you!

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